It is named after the metonym ‘HOHE’ also known to be Geez Alphabet (Ethiopic Syllabary), primarily used for the then official language ‘Geez’ now turned to be used also for the working language, i.e Amharic. In addition to that Tigrigna, Guragigna, and most of the other language in Ethiopia also subscribed to use the ‘HOHE’. Except from some exceptions, virtually all Ethiopian languages which surpassed the oral stage also witnessed to employ ‘HOHE’ and were able to transfer knowledge successfully in some historical time. The ‘HOHE’ is evidently used to be named ‘Ethiopic Script’ among the scholars of Linguistic, language Studies and even among the Historians. Dubbing ‘HOHE’ the organized award, it is our contention, also to reckon the literary treasure, folklore deposit endowed to Ethiopia, as historically attested also to have literary culture spanning three millennia.

Again dubbing ‘HOHE’ for the organized Award provokes the literary family, by way of evoking their positive zeal towards reviving the literary culture whose reality appeared totally irrespective of depositing the long history of literary culture in Ethiopian civilization.

Again, being the Geez Alphabet is unique heritage for Ethiopian’s, which was even shared among fellow human family, perhaps it is worthy to note that it is registered as intangible world heritage by UNESCO (United Nation, Economic, Social and Cultural Organization). Interestingly, HOHE (Ethiopic Syllabary) is also exhibitors of literary culture of multitude of languages, other than Amharic. Hence, it is the organizers, perhaps the founders of the Award’s, contended that promoting voracious reading as well as writing skills, is required and desired to further develop the diverse ‘Ethiopian languages’.