DerejeGebre is serving as Assistant Professor in the department of Amharic language, literature and folklore at Addis Ababa University since 1983. By training, he attained his M.A. in Teaching Amharic Methodology. Among his publications ‘ተግባራዊየጽሕፈትመማሪያ’– 1996 ‘በተማሪዎችየቤትሥራየመምህራንናየወላጆችሚና ’– 1998 ጠይምዕንቁ- 1981 የአራተኛ ክፍልተማሪዎች በአማርኛሀሳባቸውን በደረጃው የሚጠበቅባቸውን ያህል የመግለጽብቃትአላቸው? በሦስትየአዲስአበባት/ቤቶችየተደረገጥናት in The Ethiopian Journal Of Education Vol. 27 No. 1. 2007 and የንባብልምድቅኝትበአዲስአበባ in The Ethiopian Journal Of Education Vol. 29 No. 2. 2009. Dereje also served as Vice President of Ethiopian Writers Association, Ethiopian Languages and Literature Professional Association and member of a non-profit Progynist. Dereje is a proud Rotarian.